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Camel Trek in Southern Tunisia

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7 Days

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Discover the Caravan Spirit:

Embark on a Soul-Stirring Camel Trek in Southern Tunisia. Get a chance to grasp the essence of ancient caravans.

A Mesmerizing Desert Odyssey:

Begin an extraordinary escapade through the Tunisian desert with a captivating camel trek. Immerse yourself in the timeless enchantment of golden dunes stretching endlessly before you. Feel the rhythmic cadence of your camel companion beneath you, guiding you through this ethereal landscape.

Traversing Tranquility:

As you traverse the undulating terrain, let the desert’s tranquility envelop you, offering solace from the bustling modern world. Inhale the crisp air, subtly scented by desert flora, and tune in to the wind’s soft murmurs—carrying stories of ancient Bedouin tribes and their nomadic heritage.

Dance of Light and Color:

Observe the desert’s hues shift with the sun’s dance across the sky, casting ethereal shadows and painting the land as a surreal masterpiece. Marvel at the exquisite sunrises and sunsets, splashing the horizon with vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples—a symphony of colors impossible to capture in words.

Celestial Serenade:

As night unfurls, the celestial spectacle unfolds above. Far removed from city lights, the desert sky transforms into a canvas adorned with stars, constellations, and the elusive Milky Way—a universe come alive to greet you. Bedouin guides weave ancient tales, drawing you into the oral traditions passed down through generations.

Immersed in Desert Traditions:

Experience desert life’s essence within traditional Bedouin camps, where nights embrace hearty meals, traditional melodies, and the warm embrace of hospitality beneath star-studded skies. Greet the rising sun’s gentle glow and witness the desert’s awakening—teeming with wildlife and the promise of a fresh day.

A Journey of Soul and Spirit:

A desert camel trek in Southern Tunisia transcends mere travel; it’s a profound encounter with nature’s grandeur, a journey reconnecting you with your inner self. Let the timeless allure of the desert captivate your senses as you traverse this ancient land, etching memories that linger long beyond the journey’s end.

NB : This tour is based on at least 4 people.

About the Camel Trek in the Tunisian Desert

    • Duration : 7 Days
    • Departure Time 6h30 a.m
    • Pick up : All of Tunisia (our team picks you up wherever you are in Tunisia)
    • Confirmation : immediate
    • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
    • Type of transport : Air-conditioned tourist vehicle + camels
    • This tour is approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
    • Cancellation : See Terms and Conditions

Price according to Number of Persons

2 Persons : 960 euros per person  (x 2 = 1920)  >>> 1700 €

4 Persons : 760 euros per person (x 4 = 3040)  >>> 2700 €

6 Persons : 650 euros per person (x 6 = 3900)  >>> 3500 €

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  • Take advantage of a pick-up at your address where you are in Tunisia
  • Discover a large part of southern Tunisia
  • Walk in the footsteps of camels at the Grand Erg Oriental
  • Bathe in a natural hot spring in the heart of the desert
  • Spend nights under the stars in the middle of the great Tunisian desert
  • Walk the sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see
  • Prepare your meals yourself over a wood fire
  • Explore local life and eat Tunisian
  • Stay in the good hands of well-experienced camel drivers.

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Day 1: Welcome to Tunisia
Day 1: Welcome to Tunisia

Arrival in Djerba, reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel in Djerba. Installation and free day according to flight schedules.

Route: According to arrival airport
Steps: Arrival and Farniente
Accommodation: 4* hotel

Day 2: Meeting with the camel drivers

Reception and transfer in a privatized 4*4 to Bir El Haj (gateway to the desert).

Arrival, meeting camel drivers and start of the caravan.

Installation of tents in an otherworldly setting… in the middle of nowhere where silence will be king.

Light the wood fire with the team of camel drivers and prepare dinner in a Bedouin atmosphere.

Dinner and night at the campfire.

Route: According to city of arrival
Steps: Bir El Haj
Accommodation Bivouac under the stars.

Day 3: Beginning of the caravan

Wake up gently with the first rays of sunshine.

Light the fire to prepare the sand bread and have breakfast.

Beginning of the caravan and departure towards our camp point for the second night.

A hike at your own pace for two or 3 hours during which you will enjoy the landscapes in your eyes.

Whenever you feel tired, your faithful friend, the dromedary will lower itself to transport you.

Stop for lunch

Continuation for 2 hours of walking and installation between the dunes before sunset.

Installation of tents and second night of expatriation in the middle of the desert where the only noise you will hear will be the songs of the camel drivers and their stories.

Journey: 4 to 6h
Steps: Hdif El Boom
Accommodation: Bivouac in a Berber tent.

Day 4: El Biben, the gateway to the desert

As soon as the first rays of sun penetrate your tents, you will be awakened with a head already full of memories of the previous evening and a smile drawn on your faces. Faces that will be full of sands too. (lol)

The camel drivers will have already lit the fire and prepared the table for a delicious breakfast.

Our daily program will begin and we will follow the rhythm of our camels….

Light lunch and continuation to our campsite.

Arrival in El Biben, installation of tents and preparation of dinner, activities to which you can contribute… (Finding wood to light the fire and learn to cook, etc…)

Dinner, Saharan vigil and night in peace.

Journey: 4 to 6h
Steps: El Biben
Accommodation: Bivouac in a Berber tent.

Day 5: Towards Zmela (The big dune)

With the first rays of the sun caressing you, you will wake up with a smile on your face.

You will have picked up the pace and learned the morning habits of camel drivers: setting up breakfast on the dunes, preparing sand bread and meeting around the fire to eat.

Like every day, a well-defined walking pace in the footsteps of camels, except that today it will be a little faster to finally reach the camp and enjoy a good shower.

Towards sunset you will arrive at the Zmela camp, located in a sublime setting between the fine sand dunes, you will return to your tents, take your showers and your dinner and enjoy a Saharan vigil.

Journey: 6 to 8h
Steps: Zmela
Accommodation: Zmela Camp

Day 6: The hot spring and the troglodyte village

After breakfast, you will leave the camel drivers who will resume their return journey and you will climb into a 4*4.

Our first stop will be at the oasis of Ksar Ghilane to enjoy some free time between the palm trees and a swim in the hot spring.

Possibility of quad ride in the dunes (extra and payable on site).

Continuation to the famous village of Matmata, this troglodyte village par excellence with a photo stop at the Berber village of Tamazret.

Arrival in Matmata and visit to the locals where we will be welcomed by a good rosemary tea, olive oil and honey offered by our host.

Typical lunch at homestay.

After the meal return to the city of departure (Djerba – Tunis and Tozeur)

Route: According to city of return
Steps: Ksar Ghilane – Matmata
Accommodation: 4* hotel

Day 7: The return

Free day and transfer to the airport according to flight schedules

Stages: Departure


  • Reception and Transfers
  • Accommodation in a 4* hotel on the day of arrival
  • Private 4*4 transfer to the desert gate
  • Full board throughout the tour
  • One camel per person for the hike
  • An additional dromedary for luggage
  • The Bedouin tent during the hike
  • Mattresses and blankets
  • Soft drinks: still water + soft drinks
  • Our services and assistance 24 hours a day
  • International flights
  • cancellation and repatriation insurance
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • optional options and activities mentioned in the program or offered on site
  • tips for camel drivers and the driver


7 Days



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