The Old Medina of Tunis: A UNESCO Gem

Explore the captivating charm of the Old Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its architectural, cultural, and historical treasures.

A Glance into History: Medina of Tunis

Delve into the medina’s rich history, organization, and captivating monuments. Unveil the magic of this centuries-old labyrinth..

History Unveiled: The Evolution of the Medina

From Carthage to Hafsids : A Seat of Power

Tunis, once a modest hillside village, flourished under the conqueror Hassan Ibn Noomen in 698 AD. This marked the end of Byzantine rule in the region.

Béni Khorassan Dynasty: Resisting Invaders

Tunis found protection in the 11th century under the Béni Khorassan, a small Berber dynasty, which established an independent republic, resisting Arab invasions and Norman attacks.

Mouradite Dynasty: Shaping the Maritime City

Tunis solidified its identity in the 12th century when Abdelmoumen from Marrakech unified the Maghreb and Andalusia. The Hafside dynasty nurtured the city’s development (13th and 14th centuries).

Legacy of Prosperity: Urbanization and Expansion

The favorable location fostered urban expansion, adorned with mosques, souks, palaces, and residences. The Hafsid Kasbah contained administrative centers and grand palaces. The 16th-century rivalry between Spaniards and Turks disrupted this period of prosperity.

Ottoman Rule: An Eastern Influence

Tunis fell under the rule of Eastern Muslim empires, experiencing governance under Pashas, Deys, and Beys. Despite internal power struggles, the country thrived.

From Husseinites to Protectorate: A Dynastic Legacy

The Husseinite dynasty governed until the Tunisian Republic’s proclamation in 1957. Hamouda Pasha marked the Regency’s peak in the late 18th to early 19th century. Modernization and the Protectorate followed, altering the nation’s trajectory.

Map and Districts: Unraveling the Medina

Explore the medina’s layout with its historic doors and distinct districts, each with its specialty market (souk). From Bab el Bhar to Bab Jedid, the medina’s doors reveal its heritage.

Bustling Souks: Heart of Medina

The medina pulses with life through its souks – bustling markets with diverse specialties. Intricate alleys, covered arcades, and vibrant activities captivate visitors.

Majestic Monuments: Heart and Soul

Elevated medina districts host political and religious centers. From the Great Mosque (Zitouna) to grand palaces, these architectural wonders recount Tunisia’s story.

Religious Legacy: Medinas’s Spiritual Heart

Discover the medina’s profound religious significance, embodied by the Great Mosque (Zitouna). Mosques, mausoleums, and zaouias punctuate the landscape.

A UNESCO Jewel: World Heritage Site

Acknowledging its historical and cultural importance, the entire medina secured UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. Immerse yourself in a realm of legacy and significance.

Embark on Discovery: Guided Tours

Experience the medina’s richness through our curated discovery tours. Explore the west, north, and center sectors, witnessing architecture, art, and spirituality intertwine.

Timeless Appeal: Embrace the Medina’s Rhythms

Visit the medina at different hours to capture its vitality. The morning bustles with activity, while evenings unveil tranquility. The dusk light provides a picturesque backdrop for photographers.

From the pages of history to the bustling alleys, the Old Medina of Tunis awaits your exploration, offering a tapestry of culture and heritage.