The Needles of Tabarka constitute one of the tourist attractions in the landscape of the region

The Needles of Tabarka: A Landscape Attraction

The striking Needles of Tabarka stand as one of the region’s alluring tourist attractions, captivating visitors with their unique presence..

A Coastal Wonder: Tabarka’s Northern Gem

Tabarka, nestled at the extreme northwestern tip of Tunisia, near the Algerian border, boasts the remarkable Needles.

Sculpted by Nature: Geomorphology of the Needles

The “needles” encompass salient vertical reliefs shaped by a succession of robust coarse sandstone bars, each approximately ten meters high. These formations are interspersed with softer clay valleys, creating an intriguing contrast.

Steep Heights and Arched Pathways

The sandstone projections, etched into steep cliffs, ascend to heights of up to 25 meters. Erosion, guided by the combined forces of rainfall and wind, has molded these structures into remarkable arches. Along the winding coastal path, visitors can stroll beneath these arched formations.

Erosion’s Artistry: Oligocene Sandstone

Composed of iron-rich Oligocene sandstone, erosion has masterfully carved these reddish-hued, extravagant shapes into unique spurs. A quick 2-minute car ride leads to this spectacle. Upon arrival at the parking lot, tranquility, serenity, and breathtaking beauty await.

Geological Intrigue: Erosion’s Tale

The vertically aligned strata, extending North-South, bear the signature of differential erosion, sculpted by the salt-laden winds and powerful sea storms. These cliffs, anchoring the coastline, stretch for over 6 km from Tabarka’s old port to the Malloula border post. A geological marvel, these layers, featuring sandstones and clays from Kroumirie, hail from the allochthonous Numidian unit. With a collective thickness of around 2,000 meters, they stand as a testament to nature’s sculpting prowess.