Discover the allure of Port Kantaoui a captivating marina northwest of Sousse. Evolving into one of Tunisia’s prime seaside resorts, it beckons travelers with its picturesque charm..

The Sahel Coast: A Scenic Oasis

A coastline adorned with lofty palm trees, ancient fortresses, and ramparts gazing over expansive sandy beaches defines the Tunisian Sahel‘s enchanting landscape.

Sousse: A Tapestry of Contrasts

Sousse, a city of vivid contrasts, balances history and modern vibrancy. The intact medina flaunts its timeless grandeur with golden stone ramparts facing the sea, bustling souks, and weathered monuments. Modern districts showcase dynamism through palm-lined avenues, bustling port, and a myriad of shops and entertainment hubs.

The Magnificent Port

Nestled near Sousse, the integrated station of Port Kantaoui aptly carries its moniker, “the Mediterranean’s first port-garden.” Adhering to Arab-Andalusian architectural inspiration, the port forms a harmonious oasis of hotels, residences, shops, and leisure spots. Its core boasts a marina with 340 berths and a stunning golf course.

A Vision in Reality: Habib Bourguiba’s Dream

President Habib Bourguiba’s vision sprouted into reality with the creation of an integrated tourist resort spread over 307 hectares. The concept, born in 1971, was nurtured by the Tourist Financial Company of Tunis, focusing on Sidi El-Kantaoui near Hammam Sousse, north of Sousse.

Transformation and Growth

The Société d’études et de développement de Sousse-Nord assumed the role of general promoter, overseeing the project’s economic viability. Guided by Olivier-Clément Cacoub, the port took shape, accompanied by charming condominiums called “Maisons de la Mer.” The port opened its gates in 1979, with El-Kantaoui hotel and tourist company taking charge of the resort’s development.

An Oasis of Activities

A lush 18-hole golf course graced the hillside in 1980, followed by expansions like the “Houses of the Gardens” district and the permanent fairground, Hannibal Park. The site buzzes with activities, from regattas to the International Summer Internet Festival. The marina’s pedestrian village, reminiscent of Sidi Bou Saïd’s Arab-Moorish architecture, showcases charming white walls, arcades, vaults, and flower-adorned alleys.

A Vibrant Retreat

Port Kantaoui is a haven for visitors, housing shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues. Its seven-kilometer beach lures foreign tourists and Sahelians seeking relaxation. Even the allure of Yasmine Hammamet in the early 2000s couldn’t dim Port Kantaoui’s appeal.

A Harbor of Abundance

With a capacity to host up to 340 boats across four hectares, Port Kantaoui stands as a thriving harbor and more—a maritime village where history, culture, and relaxation meet on Tunisia’s enchanting shores.