Sousse: The pearl of the Sahel

Welcome to Sousse, a vibrant coastal city harmonizing history, culture, and natural beauty along Tunisia‘s shoreline. Set against the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Sousse invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and relaxation.

Step into the Medina’s Maze

Begin your adventure in the heart of the city at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Medina of Sousse. Wander through narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings and intricately carved wooden balconies. Lose yourself in vibrant souks, where spices perfume the air and stalls brim with crafts, textiles, and local delights.

A Glimpse of History: The Majestic Ribat

Sousse is celebrated for its historical treasures, and the grand Ribat takes center stage. This imposing fortress overlooks the city, offering panoramic Medina and coastline views. Ascend its towers to capture the essence of Sousse’s rich history. Delve deeper at the Sousse Archaeological Museum, where artifacts from ancient Carthage and Roman times come to life.

Tranquility by the Sea: Port El Kantaoui

Seek tranquility at the Port El Kantaoui marina, a chic seaside resort adorned with yachts and charming cafes. Wander along the promenade, feel the sand underfoot on pristine beaches, or engage in water sports like sailing and jet skiing.

Cultural Treasures and Beyond

Sousse presents a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Attend a traditional Tunisian music performance, where lively rhythms and melodies resonate. Savor local cuisine, relishing dishes like couscous, seafood delicacies, and enticing pastries, paired with refreshing mint tea.

Exploring Beyond Sousse

Beyond the city, discover the region’s natural beauty. Take a short journey to the enchanting city of Kairouan, famed for its mosques and ancient medina. Alternatively, explore the scenic town of Monastir, boasting historic ribats and stunning beaches.

Sousse’s Allure: Where History Meets Coastal Charms

Sousse’s warm welcome, historical allure, and picturesque coastal backdrop position it as a must-visit in Tunisia. Immerse yourself in vibrant culture, bask in the sun on beautiful beaches, and forge timeless memories in this coastal gem.

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The medina of Sousse

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Sousse Old Medina

The Kantaoui Port

Discover the allure of Port Kantaoui a captivating marina northwest of Sousse. Evolving into one of Tunisia’s prime seaside resorts, it beckons travelers with its picturesque charm..

Kantaoui Port

Sousse Archaeological Museum1

The Archaeological Museum of Sousse, situated within the city’s kasbah, offers a captivating journey through Tunisia’s history. This museum, established in a grand Ottoman structure dating back to the 9th century, provides insight into the country’s rich ...

Sousse Archaeological Museum