Archaeological Sites in Tunisia

The archaeological sites of Tunisia are numerous and diversified.

History never fails to amaze us. Sticking your nose in a history book or browsing an online article about historical facts can be very exciting and intriguing. Visiting places where civilizations flourished but did not survive can be mind-boggling. Tunisians are always proud that their country has survived 4000 years of civilizations. Archaeological sites are there to testify to this. Some of them are part of the national heritage of UNESCO

Visiting the major archaeological sites to be discovered in Tunisia is an important motivation to travel. Finding yourself facing monuments built over several centuries, sometimes millennia, fascinates, inspires and commands respect. Rather than giving you a list of the top 10 (which remains very subjective), Tunisia Travel Guide has preferred to present them to you one by one with descriptions, images and videos to allow you to have a better idea. and let you choose which ones interest you the most.

Thanks to its Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Byzantine and European heritage, Tunisia is full of marvelous archaeological sites; vestiges and ruins dating from antiquity. Located in the four corners of the country, they are testimonies of history and make Tunisia the ideal destination to combine holidays and discoveries.
Lovers of discovery and culture tours; discover a country that hides in its lands the most beautiful ancient treasures. here is a list of archaeological sites to visit in Tunisia.

Links to the archaeological sites of Tunisia

Site archéologique de Carthage
Le site archéologique de chemtou

Chemtou archaeological site

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