Discover the Bardo National Museum, an iconic institution situated in a beylical palace that boasts a century-old legacy. With the distinction of being Tunisia’s oldest museum and the world’s largest in terms of mosaics, it’s a treasure trove of history..

A Glimpse into History: Bardo Museum

Step into the heart of history at the Bardo Museum, a testament to Tunisia’s rich heritage. The museum, located within a beylical palace, stands as a beacon of historical significance.

A Multitude of Artifacts: Chronicles in Stone

A vast collection of artifacts, acquired through extensive excavations across the nation, forms the museum’s foundation. Organized into departments, these artifacts, showcased across fifty rooms and galleries, depict Tunisia’s journey from prehistory to the modern era.

Unveiling the Chronological Tapestry

Embark on a chronological voyage as you traverse the museum’s sections, each a testament to a distinct era. Travel through prehistory, the Libyan Punic era, the grandeur of the Roman period, the Byzantine and Vandal epochs, and finally, the Islamic era up to contemporary times.

Mosaic Masterpieces: A Visual Symphony

The Bardo Museum gained global acclaim for its mosaic collection, unrivaled in richness, diversity, and artistry. Among the treasures, admire depictions like Virgil surrounded by muses, Dionysus presenting the vine to Ikarios, and the celebration of Neptune’s triumph.

Beyond Mosaics: A Tapestry of Treasures

While mosaics dazzle, the museum’s splendor extends beyond them. Noteworthy is the “hermaïon,” a 40,000-year-old altar symbolizing early spiritual expression. From the Punic era, discover the opulent solid gold armor of a Campanian warrior, intricate jewels, and the priest’s stele bearing a child for sacrifice.

Journey Through Time: Roman Marvels

The Roman period takes center stage, contributing an array of collections. Explore mosaics, statues, pottery, jewelry, coins, religious artifacts, and everyday items. Immerse yourself in the intricate tapestry of Roman life.

A Glimpse into Islamic Heritage

The Islamic department elegantly showcases objects from various eras. Manuscripts, jewelry, carved stones, and daily life artifacts paint a vivid picture of Arab-Islamic culture. Wander through this captivating setting adorned with historical riches.

A Royal Encounter: Majestic Relics

Around a serene patio, three rooms offer captivating insights. Marvel at objects that graced the reigning family and explore a room dedicated to Jewish worship artifacts.

The Bardo National Museum stands as a testament to Tunisia’s diverse heritage, meticulously preserving its past. A journey through its galleries unveils a rich tapestry of history, a visual symphony of human achievement.