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Triple Ghorfa


About this room

Welcome to the Triple Ghorfa at Ksar Jouamaa, where tradition and comfort converge in a distinctive Berber cottage setting.

Immerse yourself in the classical Berber decor that adorns this room, echoing the rich heritage of the local civilization. The furnishings and design elements showcase traditional patterns, textiles, and craftsmanship, creating an authentic and culturally immersive experience.

Step into the private bathroom, a simple yet functional space adorned with Berber-inspired motifs. The facilities include a shower and sink, reflecting the practicality and efficiency inherent in the Berber way of life.

The air-conditioned environment ensures a comfortable stay, though the temperature is centrally regulated to maintain the authenticity of the Berber cottage atmosphere. Embrace the collective warmth of the space, resonating with the communal spirit ingrained in Berber traditions.

While there may not be large windows, the intentional design maintains a sense of coziness, emphasizing the sheltered and intimate ambiance reminiscent of traditional Berber dwellings.

In alignment with Berber simplicity, storage space is purposefully limited, encouraging a minimalistic approach to personal belongings during your stay. Embrace the ethos of the Berber civilization, where value is placed on community, shared spaces, and the essentials of daily life.

At Ksar Jouamaa, we invite you to experience the charm of Berber traditions within the quadruple room – a retreat that pays homage to the cultural roots of this captivating civilization.

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from 44.00€/person/night
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