Matmata : The troglodyte village

Welcome to the captivating village of Matmata, where time stands still and ancient traditions harmonize with stunning natural landscapes. Situated in Tunisia‘s southern region, Matmata is renowned for its unique underground troglodyte dwellings, captivating travelers with their historical allure.

Unveiling a Subterranean World

As you arrive, you’ll encounter a surreal sight – homes carved deep into the earth, blending seamlessly with the desert landscape. These traditional “troglodyte houses,” crafted by local Berber people, offer refuge from the desert sun and showcase ingenious design. Explore these remarkable dwellings to discover cool, tranquil rooms surrounding courtyards adorned with vibrant textiles, reflecting the region’s cultural heritage.

Engage in Village Life

Engage with villagers to gain insights into their traditions, cuisine, and daily life. Immerse yourself in conversations that offer a deeper understanding of the community’s rich history.

A Star Wars Connection

For movie enthusiasts, a visit to the iconic Hotel Sidi Driss is a must. This unique hotel served as a filming location for the legendary Star Wars movies, its underground spaces transformed into Luke Skywalker’s fictional home on Tatooine.

Vast and Otherworldly Terrain

Venture beyond the village to explore the expansive lunar-like Matmata Plateau. Dotted with craters and ancient ksour, or fortified granaries, this landscape offers panoramic views and awe-inspiring vistas.

A Glimpse into Resilience and Roots

Matmata offers an immersive experience, allowing you to witness a community deeply connected to its roots. Step back in time and embrace the remarkable resilience of a village intertwined with its history.

Discover Matmata’s Enchantment

Experience the captivating allure of this extraordinary destination, where ancient traditions and natural wonders harmonize in perfect unity. Explore Matmata and uncover the timeless charm of a village nestled amidst history and nature.

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The troglodyte houses

The troglodyte houses in Matmata are a unique form of architecture that dates back centuries (since  times) and are still inhabited by locals today. These houses are carved into the soft rock and cliffs of the Matmata region, creating a ...

Sidi Driss and Troglodyte Dwellings