The city of Midoun

The city of Midoun is a small town on the island of Djerba, the second after Houmt Souk. Its inhabitants numbered 63,528 in 2014. It is located east of Djerba, about 5 km from the sea. It is the largest of the 3 municipalities on the island of Djerba (Midoun, Adjim, and Houmt Souk). This small town belongs to the governorate of Médenine .

This city is located in the region of Menzel and irrigated gardens. You can make very beautiful walks around the city, in the Djerbian countryside. Midoun is home to three different souks to visit, as well as the old olive oil mill, which is 3 centuries old.
At the Midoun souk The many shops are very touristy, but some are real treasure islands: chatting with sellers who love their job is a real pleasure. All around, the specialized souks: souk of boilermakers, ironworkers and goldsmiths. The souk of the jewelers, presents covered alleys where the craftsmen of Jewish origin make filigree jewels as in the time of their ancestors. The spice souk and the fish market remain authentic and very lively, especially in the morning during the auction.
The ‘Djerba Explore’ Park is at the heart of the tourist area of Midoun, at the foot of the Taguermess lighthouse. Quick and easy to access, the park is located less than ten minutes from the main hotels on the island of Djerba and about twenty kilometers from the airport and the town of Houmt Souk.
This Park is divided into five modules: the village with its streets and squares where you can freely access and enjoy the many relaxation and leisure areas thanks to the many shops, three cafes and three restaurants.
The following three modules are the visit areas with the ‘crocodile farm’ which presents the basins and the tropical greenhouse where more than 400 Nile crocodiles, brought back from Madagascar, swim or laze in the sun, linked together by footbridges, which allows visitors to discover the environment and lifestyle of crocodiles. They have banks richly planted with palm trees, papyrus and other exotic plants…Finally, a fifth module developed away including a hotel organized as a charming residence.
In Midoun you can finally give life to your underwater passions. Adults and children, beginners or professionals, you will have the opportunity to practice scuba diving with extremely qualified and experienced professionals in the field of diving, hunting and underwater work in general.
Take advantage of this sport in one of the Midoun clubs, which will teach you how to orient yourself underwater in depths that can exceed 20 meters, this will allow you to discover the treasures hidden in the depths of the Mediterranean: fish , algae, rocks…
In Midoun you can find several places to spend a wonderful stay with a caring staff and ideal location and also varied and quality food, Midoun is the perfect place to come and take a little heat when winter is raging. Decompression and rest are guaranteed.