Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons

Beginner Kitesurfing courses in Djerba, a sporting activity accessible to all and which will bring you the strongest sensations, from an early age!
Tunisia Travel Guide offers kitesurfing training courses (initiation or improvement, lagoon or sea), but also complete and adapted formulas which include quality accommodation.
Kite Surfing in Djerba is not just a simple technical learning of kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddle but also new encounters, new adventures, new sensations and a discovery of this charming island.

Kitesurf courses for all levels in the best spots on the island of Djerba. Experienced and certified IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructors: learning, support and level improvement

Beginner Kitesurfing course

It’s time to get in the water and attempt your first water start with your instructor.

You will now put your skills to the test and discover the full potential of Djerba’s thermal wind.

You will learn how to use the power of the kite to slide the body in all possible directions, launch your kite in the water, self-rescue, recover your board; and become proficient enough to start riding on your own!

To discover the activity, 3 sessions may be enough, but to be independent and buy your own equipment, 5 sessions minimum will be necessary.

Cours intermédiaire
Cours intermédiaire

A – Duration : 5 sessions of 2 hours : 320 €

You will learn to:

  • Get in and out of the water while controlling the kite

  • water boost

  • 2-handed body-drag, stable kite

  • Body-drag with power stroke

  • Body-drag in the wind / with the board

  • Introduction to Self-Rescue and Storage

  • Constant pull

  • Waterstart / Controlled stop

  • First edges on the board

For group lessons you are max 2 per Monitor and Kite

Beginner Kitesurfing courses in video

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